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We are an Insurance Agency based in the city of Miami. And our services cover the entire state of Florida. We offer life insurance coverage, medical insurance, car insurance, home insurance and retirement savings plans.

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Dulcinea Insurance

Dulcinea Insurance is an insurance agency that works throughout Florida. We have been providing the best insurance services in the state for more than five years.

A group of trained professionals will help you obtain medical insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance and retirement savings plans.

Get Medical Coverage

In the United States there are about 28 million people without health insurance. And in Florida there are about 3.2 million. A very important statistic: 60% of bankruptcies in the US are for medical bills.

Types of Insurance

Obmacare 2020 Coverage

Looking for coverage for 2020?
Open enrollment for Obamacare is between November 1 and December 15. Outside this period, you may apply for coverage in the Insurance Market on a special basis. At Dulcinea Insurance we will help you.

Top insurance

At Dulcinea Insurance we have the best agents in all of Florida

Our insurance agents have all the certifications to give you the best service. For you it is a guarantee to have the best services at a price of Zero dollars.

We are a big family that grows every day from the satisfaction of you as a customer, which refers us to friends and family. It is a reciprocal gratification: we give you the best service for free and you help us grow our business with referrals.

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Since 2013 we offer advice to our clients.

Why do I need Insurance?

In life we are constantly undergoing dangers and precisely because of them we need to prevent them and prevent a catastrophe from damaging the economic or sentimental stability of a house.

For that there are health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, to put in your home or your economy a sufficient amount of money to face precisely these dangers, be it a hospitalization, a traffic accident or a death.

Always think that if you are prevented you can avoid a financial or family tragedy and paying small sums of money can avoid it.

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His opinions make Dulcinea Insurance one of the best in the country.

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Obamacare Income Table for 2021

The Obamacare income table is updated each year with Federal Poverty Level figures. This measure instituted by the Federal Government is used to establish financial eligibility for some federal programs, such as Obamacare health insurance.

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