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Life insurance is the best investment you can make, because it is the basis for family protection in the event of a death and takes care of yourself in the event of serious illness and disability.

Tipos de Life insurance

Term insurance is the simplest and cheapest option for a life policy. The essence is to protect you for a specific period of time where you are most vulnerable, for example, 20 years. Usually this form of protection is very cheap. For a healthy person the prices are between 15 USD and 40 USD.
Permanent life insurance is the most comprehensive and ideal coverage, as it protects you throughout your life. It is the true testament to your family and in the event of a serious health event, it will protect you at any age. It is more expensive than term insurance, but it gives you the option of a refund of the premium paid after 25 years of the policy.
Universal or accumulation life insurance is the perfect formula, as it links protection to retirement savings. And this money, which grows at a compound interest rate of 7.25% on average, is tax-free. It’s the most expensive option of all, but it’s the ideal choice for taking care of your family and planning your savings for the future.
Life insurance is the way we can ensure economic stability for our loved ones when we die. It serves us as a legacy, a family inheritance, to continue to care for loved ones in our absence. In the event of a serious illness or disability, you can use the money from the policy to continue paying your household bills.

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What you need to know about Life Insurance

Taking out life insurance is one of the most important decisions to make when you have a family that depends on your income. With these policies we guarantee financial stability for them when we are no longer there, while at the same time we cover all those expenses that can be generated by our departure: the funeral, inheritance and even hospitalization expenses.

A recent study found that in recent years, the number of life insurance contracts has increased progressively due to the major information campaigns carried out by insurance companies. At Dulcinea Insurance we know that life insurance can be a bit confusing, for this reason our team of professionals will guide you through the process, clarifying any concerns you may have. Call us at 305-763-6016 and one of our agents will help you better understand life policies.

Remember that if you are young, you have a good chance of finding affordable insurance. Life insurance companies in the United States are looking to enroll young, healthy people. The older and sicker the person, the more expensive the life policy.

There are many options and types of life insurance in Miami. There is term insurance and permanent insurance. Term insurance is cheaper because it covers you for a period of time. Meanwhile, permanent life insurance costs more, because it covers you for life.

It’s never too late to start. The idea is for you to protect your family and yourself. Today is the best day and we will help you in our Miami life insurance agency.

When you decide to receive the benefits of cheap life insurance you will create a greater bond with your loved ones. It is a major commitment that translates into loyalty to the rest of the members of the household and thus protects the future.

Every year, Florida life insurance policies think of new advantages for customers. If you wish to purchase our life insurance with benefits in life we will be happy to help you.

Florida life insurance is represented with life insurance companies in the United States. In the state of Florida there are several types of insurance that provide life insurance that pay out in life with more than 20 years of experience a great period of time to be competitive enough in the market which makes them suitable to cover a life insurance for you.

The most outstanding ones that keep jobs are AIG, Foresters, Voya and National Life, Transamerica and Fidelity. Always remember that a Forida life insurance policy should fit all your needs. You need personalized advice. The protection of your family is at stake here.

Due to the sustained work done by our life insurance agencies in Miami, permanent life insurance has a promising future. Many clients dial 305-763-6016 to contact a life insurance agent. So, little by little, awareness is growing among people to obtain life insurance in Florida.

Several years ago, customers did not see the need for life insurance that pays out in life. Of course, that mindset has now changed for a large number of people. Our part in raising people’s awareness is, of course, also our part.

Life policies are considered one of the most effective tools to protect our loved ones when we are no longer there; this is due to the great variety of financial coverage they offer us. With them we can cover the expenses produced by a terminal illness, replace the income we generate to support our families or leave them a large sum of money, among others.

At Dulcinea Insurance we know that a large number of people who do not purchase life insurance policies are afraid of not being able to pay for them or running out of money. However, nowadays there is a wide variety of excellent value for money insurance. For this reason we have taken care to select the most exclusive policies on the market, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Life insurance has various offers that cover the needs of each user. In the United States there are three basic types of life insurance, which have different approaches but the same objective. These life insurances are:

Term life insurance
Term life insurance is a policy focused on the financial protection of our family at the time of death for a specified period of time, which can range from 1 to 30 years. It is considered one of the most widely used life insurance policies due to its low cost and simplicity to obtain. A temporary life insurance, for a healthy man of 40 years, with 500,000 of protection during a period of 30 years can cost between 25 usd and 60 usd per month.

Currently there are approximately 7 million policies, which vary between two types of term life insurance:

Decreasing term life policies: Consists of policy benefits that can vary over time to increase or decrease the insured’s benefits. They are ideal for when you need to finance a property; this way we avoid that when our relatives die they acquire the debts that we have.
Level Term Life Policies: These policies are characterized by remaining the same during the entire period of the policy. They are the most used because the benefits that are contracted will not be altered at any time, which allows our beneficiaries to acquire the full amount of the insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance is characterized by the fact that it indemnifies the beneficiaries of our policy in the event of our death, regardless of age or time. This means that once contracted they do not expire unless the premiums are stopped. Permanent life insurance has different policies, which cover the following needs:

Traditional permanent life insurance: these are standardized policies, which maintain the costs and coverage previously stipulated when contracting the insurance.
Variable life insurance: the function of this policy is to use our money to invest it in different financial products with a variable profitability. They also offer flexibility to modify the payment possibilities and the final compensation, among other aspects.

Universal life insurance: it is characterized by its flexibility to increase or decrease the insured amounts. With these policies, the value of the premiums can be modified, defining the time and amount to be paid.

Life insurance with savings
Life insurance with savings is a mix between the different policies of permanent life insurance; these have different benefits and their objective is to help us be prepared for our retirement or in case of some unforeseen event that prevents us from continuing to generate income. Savings life policies allow us to invest our money in different financial methods that give us a fixed return. They are one of the best retirement savings plans in the United States because of their taxable benefits and the growth of the money they provide.

In such a changing world economically, financially and politically, life policies are more than just extra protection for our families. With them we will be able to eliminate the anguish caused by not knowing how to act in the face of an unforeseen event and thus enjoy a more peaceful life. Some of the benefits of these policies are:

  • Preventing relatives from acquiring our debts.
  • Allow our loved ones to continue with their lives.
  • To keep our home afloat if we suffer a disability or have a serious illness.
  • Preventing our relatives from having to sell or lose part of the inheritance in the succession process.
  • Prepare for old age.

Currently there is a wide variety of life policies: insurance with benefits in life, with savings, refundable, with return of premium, universal, for undocumented, with itin, permanent, temporary, among others. As we have mentioned, each one adapts to the needs and budget of the clients.

In Dulcinea Insurance we have taken care of a detailed study to filter and find the life policies with the best benefits and prices of the market; this way we guarantee that our customers can get a quality service.

Call us at 305-763-6016 and one of our agents will help you find the best life insurance in Miami, Florida. He will also give you advice to clarify any doubts you may have or may arise during the hiring process.

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