Get protection with a life insurance

Life insurance is the best investment you can make, because it is the basis of family protection. With this you protect the economy of your family before a death and take care of yourself about serious illnesses and disability. List here with the best insurers in the USA. Our attention is totally free.

Term life insurance

Temporary insurance is the simplest and cheapest option of a life policy. The essence is to protect you for a specific period of time where you are most vulnerable, for example, 20 years.

Normally this form of protection is very cheap. For a healthy person, prices range between USD 15 and USD 40.

Permanent life insurance

Permanent life insurance is the most comprehensive and ideal coverage, because it protects you throughout your life. It is the true testament for your family and can face serious health event. It will protect you at any age.

It is more expensive than the term life insurance, but gives you the option to return the premium paid to the 25-year policy.

Life insurance with savings

Universal life insurance or with accumulation is the perfect formula, since it links protection with savings for retirement. This money, which grows with compound interest at an average of 7.25%, is non-taxable.

It is the most expensive option of all, but it is the ideal option to take care of the family and plan the savings for the future.

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