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With the hiring of medical discount plans you will get alternative protection if you do not qualify for health insurance. Cases like this happen often. It is likely that after applying to any health insurance the company’s response is negative. If so, do not worry because we have the solution to your problem.

Medical discount plans are within reach of a call. Communicate with us through the 786-910-9487. A specialist based at your preferred agency, Dulcinea Insurance, will attend immediately.


How do medical discount plans work?

A large part of patients see this variant of medical coverage as a true oasis. Do you know why? The answer is easy. Many people without sufficient monetary income can benefit from medical discount plans. Who cannot “afford” to assume the conventional insurance rates will be welcome to the discount option.

The basic development of medical discount plans is usually based on disease prevention. Likewise, they guarantee all the health services related to emergency care. You can also note that these plans include primary and specialized health care.

What benefits will I get if I contract the medical discount plans? 

If you opt for medical discount plans you will have several coverage options. It will have laboratory tests, as well as X-ray tests. On your part, you will also have dental and ophthalmological consultations. As you can see, there are multiple “alternative” but highly effective benefits.

What was the situation before the appearance of the medical discount plans?

With these medical discount plans you will never be left homeless. Analyze the following question. What happened to patients who did not qualify for conventional health insurance before the discount plans? Very few or no options had those people.

These patients had, then, to look for very expensive alternatives to solve their health situation. Most of the time they were left at the expense of paying for their health services in cash. Do not miss the opportunity to evaluate the option of medical discount plans. In this way it ensures the tranquility of the whole family. Remember, the health of you and your loved ones is the most important.

Are medical discount plans expensive?

Contrary to what many people think, this variant of the insurance market prioritizes the solution to the neediest. Add to that that it works for people discarded from common health insurance. Obviously, these comprehensive medical plans are very cheap for those who hire their services. Your fees and copayments are categorized as affordable. Of course, the most benefited are those patients who only acquire a minimum monthly income.

From the perspective of Dulcinea Insurance we see a safe bet in the medical discount plans. Visit our offices and be part of its advantages. Of course, its application would be if it is not accepted in the so-called conventional health insurance. If you still have questions, call us at 786-910-9487. Do not worry, our advice is free and until now very accepted by patients across the country.

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