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The Obamacare Medical Insurance was born in 2010 with a fundamental objective. The priority for former President Barack Obama and his advisers was to provide health for all at affordable prices.

They precisely achieved their mission to one hundred percent. After eight years of service, Obamacare has enrolled more than 20 million people throughout the country. The details of the best coverage are at Dulcinea Insurance. Call us on the telephone 786-910-9487, we will answer you right away.


What is Obama’s health plan?

Obamacare health insurance is an essential part of the Affordable Care Act. After its implementation, patients have the possibility of contracting basic health coverage.

What was the situation in the United States before Obamacare?

Before the arrival of Obamacare, the health situation in the United States was critical. Above all, people with low economic resources had great difficulty in acquiring acceptable protection. The health plan market only showed private health insurance. By the way, many called them elitist insurance because their prices were inaccessible to the majority. Many decades passed before the appearance of the inclusive Obamacare.

How does the Obama plan work?

This insurance works through a subsidy granted by the government to the patient who meets two previously established requirements. To be eligible you must have a legal status in this country and declare at least 12 thousand dollars a year.

How much does Obamacare health insurance cost?

The prices of Obamacare are very reasonable. Patients with average incomes finally found an oasis of protection through affordable plans. The fees are around 60 dollars as the maximum number, although the minimum fee to pay is 30 dollars.

If we compare these prices with those of private health insurance or another variant we note that Obamacare is superior. The difference is abysmal with respect to the private medical plan. In this case the fees exceed 300 dollars. Even some plans go beyond the exorbitant $ 1,000 for each month of protection.

What services does Obamacare provide?

After granting the subsidy from the federal government, the patient will have access to about ten basic health services. Among them you will find care for pregnant women. They will be protected during the entire gestation process, during and after delivery. Likewise, the insurance includes emergency care, surgeries and hospital admissions.

If it seems small, write down other benefits of the Obamacare health insurance. On your side you will have preventive care, as well as rehabilitation therapies. If you want to know all the advantages visit our offices or contact us through telephone 786-910-9487.

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