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Private Health Insurance

In Florida, there are several private medical insurance options. Not everyone can acquire them, as their prices in the individual market have been rising gradually. However, if you want to quote and register, we will gladly help you with all the options we have at hand. We will inform you about all the variants to obtain a cheap health plan.

Obamacare Medical Insurance

Qualifying the government tax credit within Obamacare is still the best option to get a cheap health plan. You can even get free medical insurance if you qualify for your low income bronze plans. At Dulcinea Insurance we work with all Obamacare insurance in Florida and Texas. We will help you free with the quote and registration. Also, with the insurances Florida Blue, Molina, Ambetter and Oscar.

Trumpcare Medical Insurance

Trumpcare is summarized these days in short-term health plans. The short term plans extended their coverage in the Donald Trump health program from three months to one year. They have not yet reached the cheap prices that were thought and have as limitations their high deductibles and the discrimination of pre-existing diseases. Advantage: they do not request social security, so they can be used by the undocumented.

Discount medical plans

Discount health plans work locally. They have the advantage of not asking for social security. Everyone can acquire them, including the undocumented. These enjoy cheap prices and a well-structured basic coverage. They are not made for large medical expenses.

Do you need medical coverage?

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What you need to know about Medical Insurance

Buying health insurance in the United States becomes increasingly essential. The high costs of health care make hiring a medical insurance policy, more than a luxury, a great necessity. In Dulcinea Insurance you will find a group of health insurance professionals that will help you with the best coverage and prices in Florida and Texas. Read this post completely and it will heal all doubts about insurance plans. And if you continue with any of them, we will give you personalized attention through the 786-910-9487.

Having hired health insurance for many has been a wise decision. In our agency we have clients with serious health problems such as heart attacks, cerebral aneurysm, cancer, HIV, among many others, and health care covers all medical services.

It is important that you know that the prices of private health insurance in Florida are really high. The cost is between USD 300 and USD 700. Most people, of course, cannot pay this to the insurance company, otherwise they have no way to eat.

The ideal for many is to apply to Obamacare, as the Medical Insurance Market grants a tax credit as a subsidy depending on what is declared in taxes. Thus, a person may be paying within the Obamacare in Florida about 30 USD for a silver plan with zero deductible and Zero USD for a bronze plan.

Obamacare medical insurance has a rating chart that the Federal Government sets to give the prices of each insurance. This table is according to taxes. For example, a person must have a minimum income of USD 12,200 to qualify. In the case of a couple this minimum is USD 16,500, if there are three people it is USD 21,000 and if there are four it is USD 25,500.

The more the family nucleus wins, the lower the subsidy they will receive and the more expensive the policy will be. And in this case, health insurance coverage is also impaired, with higher deductibles and high copayments. That is, certain services will have to be covered by the client in full or with high payments.

Really, the greater potential of Obamacare in Miami and throughout Florida lies in helping people with lower incomes. A silver plan for a person who earns USD 17,000 a year can be very cheap, about USD 30 per month. And this plan includes several free health services such as: laboratory tests, consultation with the primary doctor, and free prescription drugs. The deductible is zero and the maximum annual medical expenses out of the pocket of USD 1,450 (henceforth covered by all insurance).

In Florida, several insurers are currently working: Florida Blue, Ambetter Sunshine, Oscar, Molina, United, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, among others. However, it is the first four that continue to work within Obama care. These insurance plans have government tax credits and enable people to obtain economic medical insurance.

At Dulcinea Insurance we always recommend Florida Blue, as it is the largest company in the state, with a presence in each of its counties. It belongs to Blue Cross Blue Shield and has extended a network of medical centers throughout Florida through Sanitas clinics, with excellent medical care. These service centers only offer attention to Florida Blue customers.

On the other hand, Ambetter Sunshine is one of the fastest emerging health insurances that it has taken. Their successes are based on their low prices and good coverage, although they still need to extend their services to several counties. The same goes for Oscar and Molina. We always recommend that you call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our insurance agents will help you with a free quote and registration.

In addition to Obamacare and private health insurance, there are short-term health plans. This has really stayed above the expectations created by the Trump administration, with high prices and high deductibles.

There are also medical discount plans, which provide basic coverage. These plans are also known as undocumented health insurance or medical insurance without social insurance. This is because they do not ask for legal documents to apply and anyone can do it.

There is also dental insurance in Florida. These can be HMO or PPO. We always recommend our clients to obtain a PPO dental policy, as it is the one with the best coverage and with the largest number of providers. The price of PPO dental insurance is between USD 25 and USD 40 per month.

Visual insurance is another coverage you can get. It gives you an annual protection of all basic services and its cost is around USD 15 per month.

And finally there are Medicare and Medicaid insurance. Medicare services are designed for people over 65 with 40 quarters worked. In the case of Medicaid, it is granted by the state of Florida according to financial need and has a direct application with them.

Our insurance agency, Dulcinea Insurance, has been working in Florida health insurance for more than five years. We are pleased to serve more than a thousand customers every year. It is a pleasure for us to give our clients personalized service.

We work for all of Florida and we have extended services to Texas. If you call us at 786-910-9487, an expert medical insurance agent will give you the best care.

It is important that you know that the underwriter process to qualify for health insurance no longer exists. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to have a medical examination as before. That is very positive, because with the Obamacare law protection was imposed on people with pre-existing diseases. Only short-term health insurance, or short term plans, promoted by President Trump in his Trumpcare program continue to apply for these requirements.

You must know what a copayment is: fixed payment that the insurer puts for certain health care services.

On the other hand, the deductible is the money in advance that the client must pay, before the insurance begins to cover. Ideally, the co-payments are very low and the deductible is zero or small.

Finally, coinsurance is the sharing of expenses between the insured and the company. It is put into practice before the maximum out-of-pocket maximum expires.

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