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Health insurance

At Dulcinea Insurance we work with the best health insurance in the United States. You can protect yourself with both, private insurance and the Obamacare government subsidy.

Also, we will help you with the Trumpcare options and with the medical discount plans.

Private health insurance

In Florida, there are several private health insurance options. Not everyone can buy them, because their prices in the individual market have gradually increased.

However, if you want to pay and register, we will gladly help you with all the options at hand. We will inform you about all the variants to obtain a cheap health plan.


Qualifying the government's tax credit within Obamacare is still the best option for obtaining a cheap health plan. You can even get free health insurance if you qualify for bronze plans because of your low income.

At Dulcinea Insurance, we work with Obamacare insurance in Florida and Texas. We will help you for free with the pay and registration. We also help you with the insurances Florida Blue, Molina, Ambetter and Oscar.


Trumpcare is summarized these days in short-term health plans. The short term plans extended their coverage in Donald Trump's health program from three months to a year.

Trumpcare still has not reached the cheap prices that were thought and have as limitations are their high deductibles and discrimination of pre-existing diseases. Advantage: they do not request social security, so they can be used by the undocumented.

Discount medical plans

Discount health plans work locally. They have the advantage that they do not ask for social security. Everyone can acquire them, including the undocumented people.

These show cheap prices and well-structured basic coverage. They are not made for large medical expenses.

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