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The Trumpcare medical insurance arrived at the health plan market with a leading role. For them, it is vital to attract the attention of each person who does not yet have medical protection. What they may have thought of as an alternative, now they want to make it a priority task. It is a logical factor for those who seek to occupy the star planes within the market.

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Is Trump’s plan the medical plan of the future in the United States?

This is what Trumpcare looks like now, like the health plan of the future. It is expected that in the medium or long term it will become a benchmark in this country. For this they have worked for a long time their creators. Even his final details were already adorned before Trump took power. Remember his declared rivalry with the established Obama project.

What type of coverage does Trumpcare show?

Unlike other possibilities for health protection in the United States, Trumpcare bases its operation on its temporary plans. These have a limited life, as the name implies. They guarantee health services only for one year. But if you are satisfied and want to extend your coverage you will have the option of doing it for another 36 months.

The Trump plan does not accept patients with pre-existing conditions. In this case there are diabetics, hypertensive and pregnant women. This element is currently analyzed to modify it in favor of people with these conditions.

What are the purposes of the temporary plans of the Trump plan?

In addition to their limited time of protection, the temporary plans emerged with two fundamental purposes. First, they were launched to encourage competition among insurance companies. This is an element that, according to Trump, showed shortcomings in Obamacare. Precisely, Obama’s insurance is another target to be beaten by Trumpcare. Its main driver seeks to eliminate slowly the system created by its predecessor in the presidency.

How much does Trumpcare health insurance cost?

With the goal of attracting many patients now in the early stages of their system, the Trumpcare presents reasonable prices. So much, so that their rates are only around half of those shown by private health insurance.

With little more than 100 dollars per month you will have protection, perhaps not usual for you, but effective. We suggest you be part of Trumpcare’s debut and verify its true quality.

Is it mandatory to have medical insurance under the Trumpcare law?

From the arrival of the Trumpcare medical insurance several elements are modified in this sense. For example, it is no longer mandatory for patients to be protected by any insurance in the current market. In this way they will have greater freedom to select the most appropriate form of protection. However, if you remain unprotected for two or more months, the insurance companies have the right to fine you. Of course, this does not happen in all cases.

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