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Tipos de Commercial insurance

Most businesses require Workers’ Compensation coverage for injured workers. This policy is very important, as it protects employees monetarily in case of injuries or illnesses incurred on the job. At Dulcinea Insurance, we work with several commercial insurance companies that offer excellent Workers’ Compensation coverage.
Dulcinea Insurance works with first class commercial property insurance. In the event of fire, flood, storm, theft, your business must be protected. Property risks are many and you need to face them with the best policies. Do not lose the perspective that the essence of insurance is to be there to face the dangers. You minimize the risk and commercial property insurance consolidates your peace of mind.
The commercial insurance for cleaning companies are liability policies, focused on financially protecting our workers and customers from any damage caused during the service provided. For example, if one of our workers is cleaning an office and drops water on the computer, the insurance policy will take care of repairing it or buying another one.
In the case of having one or several cars destined to your business, you need commercial auto insurance. This policy legally protects you and your workers against possible bodily injury or property damage to a third party with the company car. Dulcinea Insurance offers the best commercial auto insurance in Florida. We are here to help you for free.

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What do you need to know about Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a great option to financially protect our investments. With these policies we guarantee the proper functioning of our business and cover the most common risks that may occur. For example, damage to production, machinery or that our workers and customers suffer an accident.

The risks of each business are unique; this depends on the handling given to the tools, production and distribution of the merchandise, which can vary according to the sector in which it operates. An ice cream shop does not run the same risks as a mechanical workshop. For this reason, before contracting an insurance policy for your business, you should evaluate the different characteristics of the same and take the policy that best suits you.

In Dulcinea Insurance we can perform a detailed study of your business in order to obtain accurate information about the risks to which the company is subject; in this way we will help you obtain the commercial policy that best suits your needs and budget. Call us to the number 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will give you a totally free advice.

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Commercial insurance is a policy with much broader coverage than traditional insurance. These policies financially protect companies in all general aspects, their workers, structures, machinery, production, merchandise, company vehicles and customers. Commercial insurance is indispensable for a good exponential growth of the company.

When you are a business owner, whether large or small, you expose yourself to endless worries that prevent or terrify you from thinking about leaving your comfort zone. One of the main concerns is that some worker misuses the machinery or some failure occurs that prevents us from continuing to work. For this reason, commercial insurance can help us reduce many of the concerns we have; because it covers most of the risks of loss for companies.

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As we have commented, commercial insurance varies according to the sector in which it is focused and the activities that are carried out; in this way, the insurance companies determine the price and amount of coverage. The main types of commercial insurance in Florida are

Commercial insurance for cleaning companies

The commercial insurance for cleaning companies are liability policies, focused on financially protecting our workers and customers from any damage caused during the service provided. For example, if one of our workers is cleaning an office and drops water on the computer, the insurance policy will take care of repairing it or buying another one.

Small Business Insurance

These insurances are generalized policies, which are characterized by providing financial protection for each circumstance of risk that may occur in the business. Damages caused by a system failure or by an error of our workers and even loss of production. They cover civil liability, property damage, workers’ compensation and company vehicles.

Commercial Roofing Insurance

These policies are intended for contractors or roofers, and are intended to cover financially all those accidents that occur during a work. For example, bodily injury, property damage or personal injury and medical expenses.

Commercial insurance for painters

Painter’s insurance is designed to cover civil liability before an error or damage to our clients’ property by our workers. In addition to covering accidents that employees may have at the time of performing the requested activity.

Commercial workers insurance

These policies are only intended for the financial protection of our workers in case they suffer an injury or illness within the work area. They can cover medical expenses and payment of wages in case they are unable to continue working.

Having an insurance that protects our company or business from the most common risks brings a wide variety of benefits. These advantages will allow us to take the future of the company on the right path. Some of the benefits of having a commercial insurance are

Loss percentages are minimized, because the insurance company will take care of the most common risks.

We provide greater security to our workers so that they can carry out their work with confidence and enthusiasm.

We will increase the satisfaction of our clients by solving any conflict quickly.
We will be able to focus on increasing the production and sales of our products or services instead of preventing accidents from happening.
In the event of an accident, we will not have to use the company’s capital to cover expenses.

The price of commercial insurance varies according to the commercial sector to which the company is dedicated, its functions, risks and the number of workers it contains. The most effective way to estimate a price for your company is by making quotations with the different insurance companies in the country; this way you will be able to hire the right company with more security.

The best commercial insurance is the one that covers all your needs and fits your budget. For this reason, a detailed study of the most reliable and financially stable insurance companies should be carried out; this way you can guarantee that the company is able to cover your business expenses.

At Dulcinea Insurance we have the best tools on the market. Which allow us to make a detailed study of the most common risks to which your company or business is exposed. In order to help you obtain the best commercial insurance. We guarantee you a quality service and the obtaining of a policy adequate to your needs.

Call us to the number 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will help you understand everything related to commercial policies. Besides showing you the best insurance companies in Florida.

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