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If you need to protect your business, you are in the best place. In Dulcinea Insurance we work with civil liability insurance, with workers compensation or compensation for injured workers, commercial property insurance, commercial auto insurance and insurance of errors and omissions for professionals. We are here to help you completely for free.

Compensation for Workers or Workers Compensation

Most companies require Compensation coverage for injured workers. This policy is very important, because it protects employees monetarily in case of injuries or illnesses contracted at work.

At Dulcinea Insurance we work with several commercial insurance companies that offer excellent coverage of workers compensation.

General Liability or Civil and Professional Liability Insurance

This policy is designed to protect your business in the event that you or one of your workers provide damages to a third party. Liability coverage defends you and your business from third party claims product of personal injury or property damage.

Feel safer your company with one of the best business insurances that exist.

Commercial Property Insurance

Dulcinea Insurance works with first class commercial property insurance. In the event of fires, floods, storms, thefts, your business must be protected. The risks to property are many and you need to face them with the best policies. Do not lose the perspective that the essence of insurance is to be there to face the dangers.

You minimize the risk and commercial property insurance consolidates your peace of mind.

Commercial Auto Insurance

In the case of having one or more cars for your business, you need commercial auto insurance. This policy legally protects you and your workers against possible bodily injury or damage to the property of a third party with the company's order.

Dulcinea Insurance puts at your disposal the best commercial auto insurance in Florida. We are here to help you for free.

Insurance against Errors and Professional Omissions

There are many professionals who have to face the risk of a lawsuit against a mistake made. Doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, etc., need to protect themselves with insurance against errors and professional omissions.

It is a very necessary policy for the stability and tranquility of your business.

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