The Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are ways of investing, which are made up of contributions made by natural or legal people. These contributions form the equity for investments, which are managed by fund management companies. Its objective is to invest in different types of financial instruments in order to achieve a greater profit than the one invested, so that they can, then, be shared among those who made the contribution.

When we decide to invest our money in mutual funds it is very important that we give ourselves the task of understanding very well in what these funds invest the management company. We must also find out what is the management capacity they have since it will depend on our money to increase or decrease.

At Dulcinea Insurance we are prepared with the best tools to multiply your money’s earnings in the most effective way. Call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will advise you for free so that you understand perfectly how mutual funds are handled.

What are the functions of mutual funds?

Currently mutual funds are a very attractive way to invest our money and generate extra income. You only need to have a small amount to invest. However, they are very different from traditional savings because with the funds there is a risk of losing part of the investment.

Mutual funds use different investment instruments such as the purchase of bonds or long-term deposits, which means that the value of the share varies much less than the value of the shares of a company. This indicates that the quotas will rise less in times of economic boom but also decreases losses in times of crisis.

The benefit of using this investment method is that we do not need to have great knowledge in finance. The investments made will be studied by professionals in the matter contracted by the management company. For these reasons many customers also value other saving plans for retirement.

Advantages of mutual funds  

Investments are made in order to make a profit but there is always some risk of loss. Mutual funds, being part of this financial world, have their risks but also give great advantages to those who invest in them such as:

  • Minimize the risk of loss when handled by investment experts.
  • It allows us to diversify our savings between different types of investments.
  • They are not complicated to invest, giving you simplicity.
  • You can rescue the investment at any time without worrying about specific dates.
  • They give us variety when it comes to investing.
  • Offer tax benefits to encourage savings.

When we decide to invest in mutual funds we must be very clear about what our tolerance limit will be before the investment risks, since they have different categories designed to adapt to the level of risk we want to assume. The success of our earnings depends a lot on what management company we invest since they will decide where the funds will go.

That’s why Dulcinea Insurance is the best option. We have experts in the field who are responsible for studying each risk before making the investment, in order to maximize profits.

Call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will help you free to acquire the category that best suits your objectives and needs.

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