Investments in the Market

When we talk about investments, we refer to the process of injecting capital into projects, operations or ventures with the objective of generating profits. Investments in the markets consist of acquiring resources with fixed income or variable income values ​​in both the public and private sectors. Its objective is to obtain liquidity or profit from the capital placed.

One of the biggest dreams or goals that most human beings have is to be able to achieve our financial freedom. Achieving the necessary income to maintain our lifestyle and at the same time, capital to start our projects. The best way to achieve this freedom is by investing our money in the financial market. We just do not do it because of the simple myth that only big businessmen or millionaires can invest.

However, at the present time methods have been created that facilitate the way to inject our savings in that market, reducing the risks of loss.

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Types of investments in the market

When we want to seek our financial freedom we must always be prepared for any opportunity that may arise. To achieve this preparation it is necessary that we understand each of the essential aspects of the investments, which are: profitability, time and risk. It is also important to have well defined from the beginning the gains and the risks that we want to assume at the time of injecting our capital. And another very important element: taxes collected on investments by the state and federal government.

Investments in the market are divided into two facets, which are:

  • Formal markets: Are those institutions that use the legal tools created by the state in terms of investment such as: the stock exchange, banks, government institutions and companies. Giving us the opportunity to choose which one suits us the most based on what we are looking for. For example, if we want to start quickly we can use the stock exchanges since it only involves approaching brokers, opening a brokerage account and training us to start the capital injection.
  • Informal markets: This type of financial market is one that allows us to inject capital into projects that are not regulated by law. But they are not illegal either. They are created in a domestic way. For example, when you create an electronic application for mobile phones and require financing for that venture, the negotiation part with the lender or entrepreneur comes next. This type of market decreases the risk of loss since the investment would be in smaller amounts and the negotiation is direct with the entrepreneur.

At present, the world changes constantly and with it, the economy of our environment, leaving us the uncertainty of not knowing what we will do in the case of losing our job. One of the ways to project our future income is through investments in the financial markets. With them we have the possibility of investing in different segments depending on what we look for.

With Dulcinea Insurance, you can create an investment plan that suits your needs or goals. Call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will assist you.

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