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Annuities are financial products, created by insurers as long-term investments. They are a way to prepare us financially for retirement, because they allow us to earn income even without the need to have a job. The problems are solved just in time, and with a good planning of our savings, we can have a promising future.

At present the world changes constantly and much more in the financial part. One of the thoughts that overwhelm us as the years go by is not being able to know how to generate income when retiring.

We are in an era with very changing landscapes, both, in the financial part and in the workers protection policies. And this becomes a worrisome situation for all of us. Annuity plans for retirement help us eliminate this uncertainty, through a saving plan that gives us the security of having enough income to be able to support us financially when we retire.

At Dulcinea Insurance we can advise you for free, so that you can acquire the best annuities policy that suits your needs. Call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will gladly assist you with the best retirement savings and investment plans in Florida.

What are the types of annuities?

Currently there are many types of annuities, the main ones are:

  • Simple or multiple annuities: With this type of plans a single payment is made to the insurer. They provide foreseeable income for life or for the stipulated time.
  • Variable annuities: They are more risky but provide greater opportunities for growth in the investment market.
  • Fixed annuities: They are low risk. They guarantee a fixed interest rate for the stipulated period of time, with a minimum investment.
  • Annuities linked to the index and equity: They have the potential to obtain much more gains if the market improves, offering us more protection against the risk of loss.

Benefits of annuities

In an economy, as changeable as we currently have, we must look for ways to have income in case we leave our job or retire. Investment plans with annuities are one of the best options because they provide us with the following benefits:

  • Long-term security giving us the opportunity to plan our future expenses.
  • Safe and reliable investments.
  • It offers protection for the beneficiaries.
  • They adjust to inflation and taking into account life expectancy.
  • It helps us maintain our lifestyle after retirement.

We all have a relative or acquaintance who has reached that age when he should no longer work. But on the contrary, for not having taken the necessary financial forecasts, they will have to continue working to generate income to meet their needs.

Becoming an unpleasant situation, because after so much sacrifice and work we did in our youth we will not be able to enjoy a quiet retirement. To avoid this situation call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will help you choose a retirement plan that best suits your life expectancy.

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