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Term life insurance remains in the preference of thousands of people each year. It is a life plan with certain characteristics that makes clients, who did not have life insurance, fall in love.

At Dulcinea Insurance we take care to know every detail of term life insurance. Call us at 786-910-9487 and then a trained agent will assist you in an appropriate manner.


What is term life insurance?

Term or term life insurance, as it is also known, is a plan of limited duration. His name makes it very clear. This insurance protects the client only for the time indicated in the contract. For example, coverage can be for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years.

Oh! After the expiration of your policy will be completely unprotected. That, fundamentally, is the most negative element of term life insurance.

The prices are very reasonable. In fact, they classify as the cheapest within the insurance market in the United States. Obviously, everything has to do with the duration and coverage of said plan, hence its low rates.

Can I extend term life insurance protection?

Yes, of course. Everything has a solution through the management of Dulcinea Insurance. The following case may occur. If your policy is almost expiring, the insurance company offers to convert it to a permanent one.

Thus, it will not be unprotected. In addition, you have all the right of the world as a client to modify your protection. Of course, it is mandatory to do it before the final day of your current policy, remember.

What does term life insurance mean with a premium refund?

Among the innumerable advantages of term life insurance is the famous premium return. In this way you will receive all the money invested until that moment. How to do it? Very easy, you should only buy temporary life insurance for a period of 25 years.

At the end of that period the insurance company will return the money you invested in your protection. Logically, this variant of the term life plan is a little more expensive than the conventional one.

With this possibility you have two main options. The first, do not be left helpless and make your policy permanent. On the other hand, you can recover your budget, but you will not be covered after the temporary insurance expires.

Main destination of term life insurance

If you have read this article carefully, you must realize that the group that enjoys most benefits is that of the young people. These are elements that greatly attract this sector of the population of the United States.

Affordable prices, protection adjusted to your needs. Importantly, there is no lifelong attachment. This last aspect is highly valued by young people. Generally they detest “a lifelong responsibility”, if it is of this kind much more.

If you have already decided, seek the exact advice with the Dulcinea Insurance specialists. We provide a completely free service to each client. Do not forget our phone, 305-763-6016. Term life insurance is waiting for you.

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