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Life insurance with savings offers double coverage. First, it will guarantee protection for all life. At the same time, you will create a savings account for retirement.

We think it is a unique option to protect the whole family from a possible unfortunate situation. Meanwhile, your deposits can be recovered when the time comes for retirement.

If you want to know all the details about this comprehensive life plan, contact the Dulcinea Insurance experts. The contact telephone number is 786-910-9487. Do not miss this possibility to ensure the future of your family. Count on our specialized help.


Do you know how life insurance with savings works?

If you still do not know what is the exact functioning of this life plan, here we explain. Know, first, that this plan is known as insurance with capitalization or Universal.

Let’s go to the exact point then. Take a blank page and draw with a feather a line that divides the page into two parts. Now put these words on the left: savings account. On the right, write: life insurance. What does it mean? Easy answer. With a life insurance you will create the ideal way to save your money for when you have to retire at work.

The IRS blesses life insurance with savings

Until this minute, the IRS, the entity responsible for taxes in the USA, approves this type of savings. That is, it does not get in the way of any client or company.

Of course, the IRS established its guidelines in this regard. For example, this entity analyzed that the budget saved by you will be a social benefit in the long or medium term. This benefit will be received by his family after his death.

Your money will be tax free with life insurance with savings

Effectively, life insurance with savings does not involve a collection of taxes for any reason. Through it you will get your budget in full.

This is a form of savings that is widely recognized throughout the country. In fact, it is superior to other variants such as municipal funds and the Roth IRA itself.

Is life insurance with savings expensive?

This type of life plan is expensive, but not to the point of being considered elitist, much less. You can access it, especially if you take into account that the price justifies the real quality of it.

Being responsible for family security and protection is something that is priceless. You are a fundamental part of direct benefit to your loved ones when they need it most.

Here at Dulcinea Insurance we help you at every stage of the life insurance application process with savings. Let us help you achieve your goal. Call us at 786-910-9487; we assure you that you will be pleased.

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