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Permanent life insurance is the perfect way to protect your family. Coverage comes in cases of death, serious illness and disability.

The future of your family is in your own hands. Your concern about it is normal. That’s why we suggest permanent life insurance. A lifetime protection characterizes this life plan.

Similarly, the prices of permanent life insurance are attractive. The fees are around 50 dollars to get a protection of 200 thousand or much more.

In this article we show you the different ways to contract permanent life insurance. If you prefer, you can call us at 305-763-6016. Then a trained agent will answer your questions. The best option is here, at Dulcinea Insurance.

Does Permanent Life insurance expire?

No. Permanent life insurance does not have an expiration date. It covers each client throughout their existence.

Who are the main beneficiaries of permanent life insurance?

The main beneficiaries of permanent life insurance are the children and wife of the policy holder. His heirs will obtain the economic advantages of this life plan after his death. In fact, they will be able to continue their studies without difficulty because you anticipated it.

In the meantime, his wife will have the option of continuing her work with enough room to tend to the household on a daily basis. It is a true optimal bet to hire permanent life insurance. Look at it as a perfect investment that will ensure family economic continuity.

How does conventional permanent life insurance work?

This is another variant within the life insurance market. By the way, the most experienced insurance company dealing with conventional permanent life insurance is AIG.

This life plan works in the following way. Let’s take an example. If you already have permanent insurance, you can then give up your coverage after 25 years. Thus, the company will return your money in full.

With conventional permanent life insurance you will save your money noticeably. This is the positive side. Meanwhile, the negative part has to do with the subsequent growth of your savings. The money will arrive free of taxes but its coverage will end.

Visit our offices in Dulcinea Insurance and protect yourself with the best permanent life insurance. We are waiting for you to start the registration process. Call us at 305-763-6016 and coordinate your first appointment with our experts.

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