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Life insurance is the way to ensure economic stability for our loved ones when we die. It serves as a legacy, as a family inheritance, to continue caring for loved ones in the case of our absence.

Nowadays, this protection of death has been incorporated into life insurance policies in life, that is, you do not have to die to dispose of the benefits. And with that, it incorporates a double protective function: to your family and yourself. In the case of a serious illness or disability, you can use the money in the policy to continue paying your household bills.

Life insurance with life benefits is a new modality that exists in the market and that not all companies offer. At Dulcinea Insurance we will help you free to learn more about this and to register if you so choose. Dial 786-910-9487 and with pleasure a professional agent satisfies all your doubts.


Life insurance with benefits in life as a root of family protection 

When we talk about life insurance we refer to a service that was created more than 500 years ago. It originated in the fifteenth century, with the purpose of serving as a substitute for the family’s income in case of a death of the owner of the policy.

Nowadays, there are many technological advances that allow us to be healthy and prolong our life span. However, there may be unforeseen events that prevent us from generating income to support our families. That’s why life insurance has evolved.

Nowadays, life insurance has been created with terms of life benefits, which allow us to ensure a future for our family if we are no longer present. And also, we can receive part of the death benefit in case of suffering from a serious illness or disability. This type of policy gives us the necessary tools to be able to go into the future with the peace of mind that we will be protected against any unforeseen event.

Coverage of life insurance that pays in life

With life plans with benefits in life you have the ability to cover all your expenses in case of a serious illness. Here we list them, so that you have an exact idea:

  • Chronic diseases: they are long-term diseases, it is usually considered chronic when it lasts more than 6 months. Those are diseases that prevent us from doing two of the six daily activities of life such as: feeding, grooming, dressing, move, control the sphincter and bathe.
  • Serious illnesses: These diseases include stroke, diagnosis of cancer, kidney failure, organ transplant and heart attacks, severe burns, etc.
  • Terminal diseases: Those are injuries or diseases that are advanced, progressive or incurable, from which no response to treatment is obtained and may reduce life expectancy to 12 months or less.

For these types of diseases you can request an advance of the protection to the Company. So you will not have to worry about the lack of economic resources for the continuation of the family’s economic life. Surely you know some family group that has suffered double for the loss of a loved one or for a serious illness: sentimentally and economically. This is why this type of life insurance comes about, which allows the policy owner to focus on what is really important: how to overcome the disease. Or simply enjoy lifetime remaining. Besides, you will have the benefits of being able to collect the amount of money completely free of taxes.

Life insurance with life benefits in Florida

In the United States there have been several studies that indicate that in an average of 40 seconds a person is diagnosed with cancer or with a heart attack. The simple fact of starting a treatment prevents them from continuing to generate income both to support them and to support their family. That is why this is the best opportunity to start preparing to face any of these circumstances.

At Dulcinea Insurance we work with several top tier companies in Florida such as AIG, Fidelity, Foresters, National Life and Transamerica, among others. We can gladly help you to quote for free life insurance with benefits in life, both in term and permanent. Our agents await your call at 786-910-9487 to give you the advice you need.

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