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Tenant insurance is a policy that protects all valuable objects in our home. If any unfortunate event occurs, such as: fire, pipe damage or theft, we will get a refund of the value of our belongings.

With a HO-4 tenant policy we can reduce the anxiety caused by the uncertainty that one of the cases described above will happen to us. Many times we have heard tragic histories about people concerning their homes, which are in very precarious conditions for not taking precautions.

In this article we describe its importance, and in the quickest way, we help you understand why this policy is very necessary. If you call us 786-910-9487 an agent of Dulcinea Insurance will help you for free.


Importance of HO-4 insurance

Imagine a common day of your routine when you go out to dinner with your friends. When you finish you say goodbye and go to your house, as you approach, you realize that firefighters enter and leave the building where you live. Then, bewildered by what you see, you ask about what is happening. You realize it is a fire in your home resulting in a condition of total loss.

In this circumstance, this story can have two very different directions. In case you are not insured, you will collapse financially because the money you have saved will be used to buy and reconstruct all the damages caused.

Or in the case of being a cautious person and previously made the decision to insure your belongings, you will have the peace of mind that the value of all your personal belongings will be reimbursed, therefore you will not have to touch your savings to replace all your possessions.

So which of the two stories do you prefer? If you’re still not insured, do not wait any longer. Call us at the 786-910-9487 number and, at Dulcinea Insurance, we will give you free advice on how to acquire one of our HO4 insurances quickly and easily.

What are HO-4 tenant insurances?

They are specific policies for people who rent a property. This insurance covers only the expenses of survival, belongings and personal responsibilities of the tenant. It has an additional coverage for lodging expenses, while the department is rebuilt. In the policy the reconstruction expenses of the structure are not included.

What do HO-4 policies include?

A standard HO-4 policy includes the most common hazards. To be able to use insurance first you have to meet the deductible of the policy. The amount to be received will depend on the policy that is contracted, if you opt for a coverage that covers the replacement cost, the amount needed to buy the object will be provided, but if the cash value coverage is contracted, you will only collect the value of the object currently.

What events does an HO-4 policy cover?

This policy may cover the value of personal property such as furniture, electronic devices, bicycles and jewelry in case of any of the following events:

  • Climate: fires, hail, lightning, freezing pipe systems, snow or storms.
  • External causes to the climate: robberies, public disturbances, vandalism, aircraft or vehicle crashes.

Our home is that place where we create an environment of security and calm, so we never think that something bad can happen to it, however you are not exempt from the occurrence of a catastrophic event and from one moment to another we lose everything we have worked for.

At Dulcinea Insurance we can gladly help you to quote HO4 renter insurance and thus have the peace of mind to ensure your property and belongings. Our agents wait for your call to give you the advice you need. Our phone number is 786-910-9487.

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