DP3 insurance or rental owners

The DP3 insurances are intended for rental properties that the owner does not occupy. It is considered one of the most complete insurance for leases because they are open hazard policies. They provide extensive coverage to owners who need full insurance for their rental properties.

When we buy a property, a house, a place or simply a land with the intention of renting it, there is a risk of suffering some damage. We have, as a consequence, the total loss of the property and also the profits that were generated. In order to avoid this circumstance and rent without fear that something might happen, you have to hire DP3 insurance.

With Dulcinea Insurance you will be able to obtain the best and most economical options for the acquisition of a DP3 or rental owner policy. With the protection insurance you can have peace and tranquility when renting your property. You will have the certainty that any inconvenience that may happen because your property will be covered. At Dulcinea Insurance we can explain for you how to get a policy in a simple way. Call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will advise you.


Are DP3 insurance policies all risk?

PD3 policies have two different categories; open risk policies or named hazard policies. The policy of open risks is one that covers all possible risks, with the exception of some excluded in the contract. The named hazard policies only cover the risks that are listed specifically to be insured by the policy.

What type of policy is the DP3 insurance?

With the DP3 insurance we can have the peace of mind of renting our property without worrying about an unforeseen event and the way of solving it. The insurance policies have two modalities, replacement cost or insurance of real cash value.

The real cash one is a policy in which, in case of loss only, the value of the product is reimbursed. The amount of money that can be received is reduced because if the property is old, its value decreases. The reconstruction would have a value greater than the amount of the reimbursement and we would have to invest extra money. The replacement cost policy is used by the DP3 insurance. This policy covers all expenses regardless of the age of the home. The refund will be from the total amount to be able to reconstruct the property again.

 Why do we need a PD3 policy if we decide to rent our property?

Securing our properties is the way to have a protection in case of any unforeseen event that affects the structure of the houses. The properties for rent are a great investment and therefore have a great risk because their care does not depend only on us. With DP3 insurance you can financially protect your properties.

When people talk about investing, many times we prefer not to do so. Fear of losing our money takes away the opportunity to have our financial freedom. It is well known that the rental of properties has a great risk of loss. This risk can be reduced by covering us financially with DP3 insurance. At Dulcinea Insurance we work with first class companies. Call us at 786-910-9487 so that one of our agents can give you the advice you need.

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