Insurance for condo owners HO6

If you live or plan to live in a condominium you should know that you have to comply with some rules. And among these is the one that you must have insurance for condo properties, also known as HO6.

At Dulcinea Insurance we will help you obtain the best HO6 coverage options of the market, as we work with the most prestigious companies in Florida. Call 786-910-9487 and a professional agent will help you with the best home insurance.


Condominium insurance coverage

It is important that you know an important difference between the HOA condominium association insurance and the condominium unit owner’s insurance. The first one has to do with everything that happens in the common areas of the condominium. The second deals with everything that belongs to the owner.

In other words, condominium insurance coverage includes everything from personal properties to the interior walls of the home. The entire interior of the home is covered by the condominium insurance. But the exterior is covered by the HOA insurance, which goes from its outside walls to stairs and green areas.

What covers and what does not the condominium insurance?

The policy of the Association is responsible, for example, to cover the person if it was injured in the pool of the condominium. But if, on the contrary, the owner decides to incur in repairing the unit’s floor, the HOA will not cover him.

There are catastrophic damages that can occur, and the insurance of the Association has certain limits. In that case, the policy of the unit owner would cover the rest.

In the same way, this policy is designed to cover the losses of use in case of problems of habitability (in case of living in rented accommodation for several days).

On the other hand, if a fire or a theft occurs, a pipe freezes, these homeowners policies are designed to cover them. It does not cover damage from floods or earthquakes.

Tips for those who buy a condominium unit owner policy

The first thing we recommend to Dulcinea Insurance clients is to know what the real protection needs are. So we can determine the levels of coverage. And as we already mentioned, it is very important to know what is covered or not by each policy.

It is very significant to know that you must give a correct maintenance to the house, because due to negligence you may not receive the coverage.

At our insurance agency in Miami we are willing to help you with the best Florida home insurance. Call 786-910-9487 and we will gladly help you for free with all the variants of the condominium insurance.

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