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Civil liability insurance is one of the essential parts of the housing policies in Florida. If you have a house you should try to protect not only this one, but everything from inside and outside that can be damaged.

In this case we talk about protecting the owner’s pocket in the case of claims for damages to a person or his property.

From Dulcinea Insurance we give you the best protection with civil liability insurance, since we work with the best home insurance companies.

Civil liability insurance coverage

Here are some examples: a person who visits his home falls from the stairs, or simply his son throws a ball to the window of the neighbor and breaks it. Of course, for events like these, your pocket does not have to pay, because there is this protection.

In the same way, this coverage extends to the legal expenses payments and a part of the salary in case of trials. In the event that you rent your home or a part of it, if due to negligence of the owner, the tenant suffers damage, this policy also assumes its functions.

What does civil liability insurance not cover?

As it is necessary to know everything that covers housing insurance, it is extremely important to know what does not cover. In this case, the civil liability insurance has well-defined functions, because the others are normally covered by other policies, or are not covered.

For example, civil liability arising from a car accident is covered by automobile insurance. Similarly, if the owner causes intentional damage to the property or to another person, it is not covered.

Home insurance agency in Miami Florida

To satisfy all these doubts we are in Dulcinea Insurance. We are pleased to help you so that all your concerns are solved. Call us at 786-910-9487 and a professional agent will help you to quote and compare the coverage of different home insurance companies in Florida.

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