Compensación para Trabajadores

Workers’ compensation insurance is a policy that offers financial protection to those who are injured or become ill within their work area. These policies cover the medical and salary expenses associated with the injury. In the state of Florida, it is mandatory that every business with employees have a compensation policy for workers, especially those associated with construction.

When we have personnel in our charge, derived from our companies or businesses, we run the risk that they may suffer an accident and we do not have the means to cover the expenses. For example, in the state of Florida an approximate 70,000 men and women are injured while at work. Injuries within the workplace carry a large amount of civil expenses and responsibilities for employers. If the worker is injured in the workplace and the employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, he could have great economic and legal consequences.

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What is the compensation insurance for workers or workers compensation?

The compensation policy for workers or also known as workers compensation is a system designed to provide financial benefits to workers in case they suffer something unexpected during work. Each state regulates this type of policy differently, making them mandatory for many cases.

Workers’ compensation policies are used to cover all medical expenses, lost wages and the monetary value of the treatment for the rehabilitation of employees who suffer some type of injury, within their work area. They can also cover an amount for death for dependents (family) of employees who die at work.

Is workers’ compensation insurance required in the state of Florida?

For the state of Florida, the protection of its workers is a very important factor, which is why it has become a state that has, as a mandatory law, the acquisition of compensation insurance. The lack of insurance for workers creates great legal consequences.

In the state of Florida it is required to have a compensation policy for workers depending on their fields, such as:

  • All construction companies with 1 or more employees including the owner must purchase a policy.
  • Businesses that do not belong to the constructions but that have 4 or more workers need workers compensation insurance.
  • In the field of agriculture, if there are 6 or more regular employees, they must have compensation insurance.

When we have a business with one or more employees, we run the risk that they may suffer an event caused by their work activity. Nowadays, medical expenses or treatments are very expensive, leaving us economically unprotected, which is why it is necessary that as an employer we always have workers’ compensation insurance.

This is the way we protect both financially and legally before any unforeseen event that may occur. With Dulcinea Insurance you can acquire the best policies, at the best price and in the simplest way. Call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will assist you.

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