Insurance against errors and omissions



Human being has always known how to learn from its mistakes, but when we talk about business we cannot afford to make mistakes. Errors or omissions in projects are somewhat catastrophic. They can lead to many losses both for the company and for us because sometimes we cannot eliminate the likelihood of making a mistake. We have the opportunity to take out an insurance against errors and omissions to protect us in case it happens.

Insurance policies for errors and omissions are created in order to offer specialized protection against losses that are not covered by traditional liability insurance. This type of policy protects both us and our company in case a client sues us for acts of negligence, error or omission committed during our work.

When we perform an activity related to customer services, the possibility of an error is created. It can even happen to the most qualified person in the place with more years of experience. A mistake can bring great consequences both financially and legally. For this reason, call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will help you free of charge to acquire this insurance policy, so that you can minimize the risks.


What does professional error and omission insurance cover?

These policies cover the financial assets of the companies, including attorneys’ fees, legal costs and agreements caused by any negligence committed. Whenever we offer a service we are exposed to receiving complaints from our clients. Even the best and most prepared workers have the risk of committing some negligence. For that there are insurance policies against errors and omissions in order to protect us before these circumstances.

Previously, there were two types of policies on this category. The first one has to do with professional responsibility, which was used by doctors and lawyers. The second was for omissions and errors which were reserved for traditional services such as plumbing. Nowadays both coverages are usually the same.

 Who needs insurance against professional errors and omissions?

Insurance against errors and omissions always financially cover the business owner, employees and subcontractors who work with the name of the company. If you have a company or business that offers printing services, electricity, plumbing and metallurgical works that run the risk of making an error and cause major financial consequences. They need to make use of the protection policies against errors and professional omissions.

When we create a business that offers an independent customer service, we run the risk of being sued for having made an error. Given this circumstance we must be prepared with a policy that can protect us. At Dulcinea Insurance we have alliances with first class companies.

Call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will gladly advise you for free so that you can acquire a policy that suits your needs in the simplest way.

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