Commercial Property Insurance

Insurance is the way in which we can financially protect our health, the properties and businesses we have. Commercial property policies are something that every company or business need because they protect our physical assets. This type of policy covers all the damages caused by fires, explosions, broken pipes, vandalism, storms and robberies. There is the possibility of adding extra events or dangers that are not included in the policy such as: earthquakes and floods.

When we decide to start either creating a business (store) or having our own company, we need to have an insurance that protects both, the structure of the trade and all the merchandise or products that are within it. Whenever we have a property we run the risk that some damage can happen to us and from one moment to another we lose everything, without even realizing it.

The best way to prevent these circumstances is by acquiring a commercial property policy, with which we can cover all the damages caused to your “store” and legal compensation for workers in case they suffer any damage.

At Dulcinea Insurance we are prepared with the best tools so that you can acquire a policy that protects your business. Call us at 786-910-9487 to help you for free to quote this type of policy.


Commercial property insurance in Dulcinea Insurance

Insurance for the protection of commercial properties is a way to guarantee the financial security of a business in case of any unforeseen occurrence, natural or due to negligence.

These policies may cover: computers, equipment, inventory, furniture, fences, gardens, important documents and some damage caused to the property of other people.

Commercial property insurance is something that companies need, because it provides financial protection and reduces the risk of loss. This type of policy gives us the assurance that the business will be able to recover before any unforeseen circumstance.

Differences between personal property insurance and commercial property policy

In order to understand the differences between these two, we must first have a clear definition of each one. The personal property policies are those that cover the damages to the house and personal objects such as: The belongings that are inside the home and the additional expenses caused by not being able to live in the house temporarily.

The insurance for companies or also known as commercial property insurance covers three broad categories: Property protection, civil liability and workers’ compensation. Being clear both concepts it could be said they have a difference concerning the type of contract, because one covers the damage to our homes and the other covers the damage caused to our businesses whether it is a company or a local.

When we work hard to have our financial freedom and we manage to create a business, we risk losing everything from one moment to another. Unforeseen events can always happen and there are no ways to prevent them altogether, but we do have the opportunity to financially protect our assets. Therefore, call us at 786-910-9487 so that you can acquire a commercial property policy with Dulcinea Insurance.

Miami business insurance

Miami business insurance covers very important aspects. The policy for business owners ensures protection against cases of bodily injury, the loss of property of third parties, and even their own losses.

On the other hand, insurance for home business covers damages to the property and its members. It does not protect the loss of income or the injuries of its employees. It also disregards the injuries of other claims associated with any operation of your business.

You should know that the business interruption policy adds a provision to your insurance for commercial property. With the activation of that it will recover quickly the usual activities of your business. This happens in case of accident or natural disaster. After the calm and such inactivity, this Miami business insurance policy speeds up the return to normalcy.

Commercial insurance for companies

There are several companies that offer excellent Florida commercial insurance. At Dulcinea Insurance we serve the industries and retail, commercial and institutional clients. We have the best relations with all of them and we have comprehensive plans. This means that we can compare rates, in addition to the specific coverage your business requires.

Visit our agency and begin the Florida commercial insurance application process. More than a luxury, it is a real need to take out insurance that protects your business. Remember, it is always better to caution than later having to regret a substantial loss of any kind.

Small business insurance   

Small business insurance classifies as a variant of its owners to guarantee the necessary protection. We analyze carefully the characteristics of your business to propose an insurance plan adjusted to your needs. Our specialists will work with you to define the best Florida commercial insurance program. From our position of work we offer a free and specialized advice. It is vital that you secure your small business so that you live quietly and continue to achieve success.

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