Responsabilidad Civil y Profesional



The civil and professional liability insurances are policies that cover, financially, the personal, consequential and material damages that the professional, involuntarily, caused during his work activity.

Liability policies cover not only traditional professions, but also apply to all those activities that provide a service. Its objective is to cover the expenses of the companies in case of any demand due to the services offered.

Visualize all the sacrifices and efforts we have had to create our company or business. Now, let us imagine for a moment that we are called to perform the service or work that we offer and due to some negligence or omission, an accident occurs that causes injuries or losses. In this situation the client can initiate a lawsuit against us for such negligence.

If we have the professional liability policy, the insurance will assume the economic consequences of the events and will be responsible for paying for the repairs of the damages caused. In case of not having a civil liability policy we will have to pay for all the expenses that involve the repairs and therefore we could be bankrupt since these unforeseen events can become very expensive.

At Dulcinea Insurance we can gladly help you to quote a professional civil responsibility policy, so that you can have the peace of mind to do your job without worrying about any unforeseen event. Our agents wait for your call to give you the advice you need. Our telephone number is 786-910-9487.


What is the liability insurance for professionals and what are its functions?

The civil and professional liability policies are created in order to cover all the mishaps that may be caused by errors of the professional while performing their work. Its purpose is to regulate the economic compensation system to repair damages caused to third parties.

What does civil and professional liability insurance cover?

Liability insurance is the way to guarantee protection for both, workers and those who hire the service in case of unexpected events. Otherwise, professionals would have to respond with their assets for any negligence committed. With civil liability policies we can protect ourselves against any legal cost, defense costs and compensation payments caused by any of these circumstances:

  • Errors, negligence or professional omissions in the preparation of work, service or advice provided.
  • Material damage caused by a professional error.
  • Consequential damages.
  • Defense and Bail Bonds.
  • Primary property damage.

We live in a society that evolves constantly, thus increasing the responsibilities of professionals. Every time, there are more systems that are created to improve the quality of our work, demanding zero possibilities of making mistakes. Today, a single mistake could bring us great legal and economic consequences, which could lead to ruin if we are not cautious.

At Dulcinea Insurance we can give you the necessary tools so that you can protect yourself financially in case of any unforeseen event. Call us at 786-910-9487 and we will advise you for free.

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