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The so-called total coverage does not exist technically, especially, if car insurance is involved. To achieve this comprehensive protection you must gather three covers at the same time. These relate to civil liability, shocks and risks.

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The full cover insurance or total coverage are policies that combine three types of insurance, which are: comprehensive insurance, liability insurance and collision insurance. They are cataloged full cover by the great variety of incidents that it covers. However, at present, there is no insurance for cars that is full coverage; although they will always be eligible for additional coverages to extend protection.

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What does full cover insurance cover?

Full cover insurance is the policy that most resembles an all risk insurance. They offer us great benefits. Among them is the call center 24 hours a day, assistance network in case of emergency, network of workshops, crane, among others. These insurances are the mixture of three types of policies:

  • Public or civil liability policy: They are a policy that covers financially all the damages and injuries caused by us in case of an accident and we are declared guilty.
    Comprehensive policy: Covers all damage that is not caused by a collision such as weather-related accidents.
    Collision Policies: Financially covers all damages caused by a collision. However, it does not cover the expenses of the other person’s vehicle.

Full cover through civil liability

Liability Coverage or Liability Coverage is responsible for covering third parties. This case refers to the person you hit with your car.

The insurance assumes the injuries or damages to the vehicle. It also includes protection if another property is affected, such as buildings, poles or damage to public roads. If your guilt is confirmed and you have this plan, the insurance will cover it.

Coverage against collision

Meanwhile, the collision or collision coverage covers the damage caused to your car after colliding with another. It also happens if it is overturned or hit against another structure.

This policy presents a deductible that may be eligible for you. The figures go through 250 and 1,000 dollars. Obviously if the deductible is high, then your insurance will be cheaper. If you make a claim you must pay that same amount of deductible money.

In the meantime, if it is proven that you are guilty of the accident; the coverage will pay for the settlement of your car. If you are not responsible for the accident, then the other person will indemnify you through his insurance.

Coverage against all risks

Comprehensive or Comprehensive protection covers you in case of accidents not related to collisions. It includes coverage for theft, earthquake, fire, hurricanes, floods and street disturbances. Count, moreover, with the exact protection against explosions, vandalism and impact with animals while driving.

With this insurance you will guarantee the replacement of your windshield if it breaks. It happens only with some insurance companies.

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What is the price of full cover insurance?

The price of full cover insurance depends a lot on the coverage package that we assemble. This means that the higher the coverage we select, the higher the cost of the monthly bill.
The variables that insurers take into account to define the value of the policy are: Age, location, driving record, coverage we choose, model of car, deductible and limit of the policy. So the price of full cover insurance depends in part on us, on our history and needs.

What situations do NOT cover full cover insurance?

Full cover insurance, like all auto insurance, has its restrictions which are:

  • The insurer will not cover any expense or injury that is intentionally caused by the insured.
    • The insured vehicle must not be rented; otherwise the insurance will not cover the expenses caused by an accident.
    • If the vehicle exceeds the weight allowed by the insurer, the policy will lose the right to vehicular assistance on the road.
  • The policy will not cover medical payments if the car is used as public transportation.

Full cover insurance is the best way to cover most of the risks to which our cars are exposed. With them we have the opportunity to drive with the peace of mind that we will be protected against any unforeseen event.

At Dulcinea Insurance we can help you obtain full cover insurance. Call us at 786-910-9487 and one of our agents will help you in what you need.

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