Protección para Lesiones Personales



Personal injury protection is not always included in your health insurance coverage. If you thought the contrary, you are really wrong. Every health plan has its limits. Based on that statement, you must react to ensure your safety and protection.

Personal injury protection (PIP) is a variant of car coverage that offers you total protection. If you have an accident this plan will help you. Call us now if you want to know the most accurate information regarding the PIP. Our contact telephone number is 786-910-9487. The best specialized agents will immediately attend you.


PIP auto insurance policy covers your health insurance

Remember that your health insurance has deductibles. So, this auto insurance policy with PIP helps you to cover the deductible of your medical plan. This will happen if you are injured in an accident. Likewise, the PIP favors you because it helps paying for costs that cross the limits of your health insurance.

In a contradictory way, protection for personal injuries is not accessible in every state of the country. However, it is mandatory in other US states.

Costs derived from accidents covered by the PIP

There are several expenses that arise after an accident. The PIP does its bit and helps you to pay not only the medical part. The PIP coverage includes continuation of income, loss of services, and funeral expenses. The first case has to do with the salary you lose after an accident. The PIP makes up for that lost budget.

In the second case, the PIP provides coverage for expenses related to your life after the accident. For example, it guarantees shipments of food to your home if you are bedridden. Also, it pays someone else to take your children to school.

Finally, protection for personal injuries helps with your funeral expenses. It protects the family, economically, if you die after an accident. Consider how expensive a funeral is in this country. In this case, the family will have an invaluable support from the PIP.

We strongly suggest this personal injury protection so that your life flows more positively. Be free from unnecessary stress; allow Dulcinea Insurance agents to cover you properly. Call us now at 786-910-9487.

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