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Motorcycle insurance in the United States is equal to, or more important, than car insurance. The chances of suffering an accident are always higher if you travel by motorcycle. We cannot compare both cases of security regarding the design of both means of transport.

In a car, you have a windshield, roof, comfortable seat and even a shockproof bag to avoid damage in an accident. Now, the opposite happens with the motorbike. You are exactly the body of your two-wheeled vehicle. You are, literally, exposed to receiving blows due to an accident, even wearing a helmet.

At Dulcinea Insurance we suggest you to discuss this topic so that, from now on, you are a more protected motorcyclist. Call us at 786-910-9487 and know more about the essential motorcycle insurance.


Is it mandatory to have motorcycle insurance in the USA?

In most of the country it is mandatory to have motorcycle insurance. However, some states do not consider it as necessary; therefore, they allow you to drive a motorcycle without insurance. In that case are the states of Washington, Florida, Montana and New Hampshire.

In the rest, you can travel only with civil liability coverage. By the way, it is very cheap; according to official data its highest rates only reach $ 75 per year. It is important to know that the so-called state minimums do not really show the costs associated with an accident.

The best insurance coverage for motorcycles

We recommend three variants for you to achieve the ideal protection through your motorcycle insurance. The cases that we propose below protect you in an integral way.

The first one covers the damage caused by a collision with another vehicle. Most common accidents are classified as collisions. Therefore, this is the ideal coverage.

The second case covers theft or damage caused by something that is not a collision with another car or object. This includes vandalism, natural disasters and damage caused by animals.

The third variant is interesting. The liability is the amount of money your provider will pay the injured party if he is at fault for an accident. Experts recommend getting everything you can afford, but 100-300-50 is a good starting point. What does it mean? Well, $ 100,000 per injured person, up to $ 300,000 per accident, plus $ 50,000 in property damage.

Go through Dulcinea Insurance offices today. Here we offer you insurance for motorcycles adjusted to your needs. We are your best option to protect yourself.

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