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Having coverage for trucks is mandatory in the United States. However, it highlights a difference compared to other motor vehicles. Know them here.

The protection of the freight transport truck has two edges. The first is related to the policy that covers trucker responsibilities due to traffic situations. The other has to do with the protection against incidents that damage the merchandise of its customers.

All your doubts about this important issue, we clarify in your preferred agency. Dulcinea Insurance proposes you to visit these offices or contact us at 786-910-9487. Our team guarantees excellence management that will exceed your expectations.


Guarantee your protection with the best coverage for trucks

Surely you have asked yourself, what does the law say about the responsibility towards merchandise? Here is your answer directly.

According to the established norms, the carrier or the company that owns the truck is responsible for the merchandise. That is true when the load is placed on the truck. Such commitment is maintained until the moment of delivery at its agreed destination.

That is why it is so important to secure the load. Remember that in case of damage or loss, the responsibility goes to the carrier directly.

Most common insurance for cargo trucks

Civil liability insurance is one of the most common types of insurance. It is also known as third party insurance. Its hiring shows mandatory character. What’s its objective? Cover the damage your truck does to others due to an accident. According to official data, the prices of this plan are low.

The insurance against shocks presents a wide protection. It covers the damages that your truck suffers due to fire, theft or inclement weather. Its price is reasonable.

The cargo insurance specifically covers the damage suffered by the merchandise transported by your truck. The rates of this plan depend, to a great extent, on the type of cargo that you transfer. Meanwhile, the trailer exchange insurance covers the damage or loss of your trailer for any reason.

Finally, we have all-risk insurance. Undoubtedly, this classifies as the most expensive and best coverage. This plan guarantees the protection of third parties, the driver, the cargo and the truck itself. Call us right now, do not wait any longer. Dulcinea Insurance is waiting to help you protect your truck. We have the broadest coverage in the market. You will not regret.

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