Responsabilidad civil del automóvil



The civil responsibility of the car protects the driver in case he damages the property of others or injures third parties. It is vital that you recognize the importance of this policy because you will need it.

If you, as a driver, cause any kind of damage to the aforementioned parties, you will have problems. Of course, everything would be very different if you visit us at Dulcinea Insurance and hire the car liability plan. Call us at 786-910-9487 and present your case to our specialized agents.


Why is civil liability so important in auto insurance?

One of the most important aspects of auto insurance is, without doubt, civil liability. This responsibility obliges the holder to compensate the injured person in this case. The civil liability of the automobile driver and owner is fully covered. If we talk about insurance itself, civil liability would be the minimum mandatory element to hire.

If you are guilty, the insurance will not protect you

As a negative fact it is reflected that if you are the culprit of the accident, the insurance will turn your back. What does this mean? Your plan will not cover your recovery or damage to your own car.

What are the types of liability coverage?

The first case is related to mandatory civil liability coverage. Only the damages and injuries of the car and people are covered in this case.

In addition, the limited coverage of RC protects the theft of the automobile, as well as the damages and injuries. Finally, the extensive coverage of RC takes care of the damages and injuries. It also covers any damage to the car or theft. As damage we understand those caused by floods, for example.

Do it now. Hire this type of protection. Remember, it is essential that you know its interiors before signing the contract. Therefore, we suggest you to visit our offices. Dulcinea Insurance gives you the protection you need. Communicate now and become an insured person.

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